Social Responsibility

Due care for people, the environment and beyond...

Our approach to quality goes far beyond product and organisational quality, it also encompasses a quality aspect by which we set great store: sustainability. We constantly address this quality aspect in our daily operations. We explore options to maximise the sustainability of our manufacturing operations, including, for instance, our choice of materials and transport. On 1 June 2008, Hokra Below the Line B.V. gained the distinction of being one of the few ISO 14001 certified firms in the sector. We also attach great importance to health and safety conditions at the facilities where our clients' products are manufactured. For this reason, we subscribe wholeheartedly to the Code of Conduct of our sector organisation Platform Promotional Products. Given the - in our view - limited scope of the Code of Conduct, we have also drafted a supplementary policy statement. In addition to this Code of Conduct, HOKRA maintains and applies the following guiding principles to its approach and products:

  • HOKRA will at the very minimum comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and rules both in a general sense and specifically in terms of the environment.
  • HOKRA will constantly work to improve its performance in terms of environmental impact. Objectives designed to minimise our environmental impact will be incorporated into HOKRA's annual business plans.
  • HOKRA will do everything commercially responsible to, wherever possible, prevent or minimise the environmental impact of its operations by implementing appropriate preventive measures.

Environmental and consumer protection law is becoming increasingly complex. The EU imposes around 3,000 new product guidelines each year. To ensure compliance, each product we import is assessed in accordance with this law. Product quality and the visual, environmental and consumer safety aspects are assessed during the manufacturing operations. To this end, we work with independent inspection services, including SGS. All products ultimately arrive at our warehouse, where random checks are performed to again verify their quality.

What's more...
Hokra Below the Line B.V. attaches great importance to the solid development of the promotional activities/promotional products sector and to a better understanding of the concept ‘effectiveness'. This is why we are a member of the sector organisation Platform Promotional Products and Martin de Winter has served for years as a member of the Executive Board. He currently serves as the Chair of the Examination Board. In addition, he regularly contributes his take on the discipline in his column for the trade journal PromZ.

Code of Conduct PPP

The Platform Promotional Products (PPP) Association is a sector organisation and has set its objective as serving the interests of companies and organisations whose main activity is inventing, purchasing, refining and/or marketing promotional articles.

The Behaviour Code below has been developed by and for the members and is intended to provide guidelines for professional and socially reliable enterprise. The association encourages individual members to formulate their own codes in this area in such a way that they are in agreement with those of the PPP.

We strive to:

  1. comply with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity in our commercial, social and personal activities.
  2. devote ourselves to providing socially reliable products and services.
  3. complete customer satisfaction.
  4. share knowledge to raise the level of our sector.
  5. exclusively cooperate with companies that do not use child labour, as described in the relevant conventions of the International Labour Organisation (IAO) and the national legislation.
  6. exclusively cooperate with companies that, in the area of employment, respect and promote the human rights of their employees and those of their suppliers, as well as the directives of the countries where they do their work.
  7. exclusively cooperate with companies that apply a policy that complies with the local and national laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, skin colour, faith, age, national origin or any other applicable grounds when hiring and employing personnel. All employees must be treated with dignity and respect and the company may not support any form of discrimination in any aspect of its operational management whatsoever.
  8. provide better care for the environment. We are concerned with a safe environment and its protection and dealing respectfully with the natural environment and the cultures of the countries where we or our suppliers have offices. We ask our suppliers to strive to maintain the environment and protect it when managing and implementing their activities.

We assume the obligation to:

  1. at least comply with all legislation and regulations in effect.
  2. to support and promote the membership, policy, programmes and activities of the association where possible.
  3. pursue permanent training to achieve personal and career growth.
  4. apply this behaviour code and carry it out.